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Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce and FaithHealth

            By John Lambert The Lexington community is taking the FaithHealth initiative in a new, exciting direction. In its first year, the initiative made significant progress in building participation of churches and connecting volunteers help take care of one another’s health care needs in conjunction with Wake Forest Baptist Health-Lexington […]

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Supports of Health in Winston-Salem

The Fabulous Four Supports of Health: Vernita Frasier, Mary Dendy, Pecola Blackburn and Annika Archie. Jeremy Moseley, manager, in the middle. As a strategy to wage life in Winston-Salem, FaithHealthNC has innovated a unique partnership.  It’s between the FaithHealth Division of Wake Forest Medical Center, the hospital’s environmental and the “care transitions” clinical team. Annika […]

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North Star Faith Health Network, Rockingham

The North Star Faith Health Network met Monday night to develop strategy to align health assets in Rockingham County. This effort, with leadership from Ashley Cooper and Jennifer Nixon, is exploring models for working with faith communities. It emerged independently around the same time with FaithHealthNC, with similar values. People at the gathering represented groups […]

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Why Should the Business Community Care?

Rev. Ray Howell, senior minister at First Baptist Church, Lexington, asks why should the business community care about FaithHealthNC? In an article, An Idea Whose Time Has Come, in the Lexington Dispatch, Howell answers his own question: first of all, it’s wellness. With most disease being preventable, Howell says “the best way to deal with […]

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Helping the Homeless in Mecklenburg County

    An article in the The Charlotte Observer describes a new service designed to help homeless people in Mecklenburg County. According to the article, the goal of the “Coordinated Assessment” program “is to prevent homeless people from being referred from one agency to the next as they struggle to get off the streets.” The Foundation for […]

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homeless jesus statue

Jesus the Homeless in Davidson, North Carolina

  On Sunday National Public Radio ran a story about a statue in North Carolina that some love and some don’t. “Jesus the Homeless” was created by Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz. Listen to the story and get more information here. The bronze statue was recently installed on the property of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Davidson. […]

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faithhealth nc

Ashe Really Cares

    By Les Gura It wasn’t long after Rev. David Blackburn arrived at his new post as director of missions for the Ashe Baptist Association that he saw the difficulty people in his rural county were having finding work. He wanted to do something to help them with food and clothing while they pursued […]

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Finding our Way to a Healing Role

    By Gary Gunderson In his laboratory at Wake Forest Innovations in downtown Winston-Salem, Dr. Tony Atala lives on the breaking edge of health science technology. His work is helping stem cells fulfill their astonishing capacity to become working organs. You can’t make cells do this like you can make bricks become a wall. […]

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Faith Health NC Junaluska

Peace, Faith and Health

    By Gary Gunderson A congregation is that amazing human phenomenon that emerges at the edge of the human and the holy. What do you see there? You see the whole thing, including all the ragged and horrible violations of what God made possible. You don’t just see that to be glorified, but also […]

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