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Short Video: FaithHealth NC

FaithHealthNC helps ease the journey to health and healing for people and the communities in which they live by connecting the caring strengths of congregations, the clinical expertise of providers and a network of community resources. Join with FaithHealthNC to improve the health of North Carolina’s citizens. Clergy or lay leaders of congregations, health care providers […]

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Mental Health Squad

      There’s a great story by Jenny Gold on NPR about a Mental Health Squad. The report begins with this sobering fact: ten times many mentally ill people are in jail than in state hospitals. In San Antonio, once overcrowded jails are now under capacity, people with mental illness receive better treatment, and the city […]

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faith health north carolina

Short Video: Not Alone

When we begin a journey of health by ourselves, we are probably anxious, isolated and distrusting. FaithHealthNC gives us a network to rely on, someone to be with us—compassionate, competent, connected—so that are fears are eased and our journey more smooth. Clergy or lay leaders of congregations, health care providers or community organizations wanting to […]

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Obamacare and Faith-Based Hospitals

An article in the Baptist Standard, Obamacare changes the way faith-based hospitals deliver care, says that no matter one’s opinion, the new law has made an impact on healthcare delivery. It says that while there’s agreement that the law “is far from perfect, healthcare providers don’t have the luxury of watching all the wrangling from the […]

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Short Video: Ready To Be Treated

Without support, we frequently wind up in a crisis mode, unable to anticipate what providers need from us or so anxious that we can’t be treated. FaithHealthNC helps prepare us when we need medical help, everything from bringing medications to a facility to understanding financial options to being a calming presence.

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Short Video: Right Time

  Fear, confusion and finances often conspire to have us seek medical help at the wrong time—too late. Through FaithHealthNC, we learn about education and preventive care, and to recognize symptoms and issues so that we seek help earlier, with a supporting team behind us.

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Short Video: Right Door

The Right Door Too often, we wind up at the health system’s wrong door—the Emergency Room. FaithHealthNC helps us to learn more about ourselves and the care we need—from preventive steps to proper medications. In that way, they we begin to find the right door—such as seeing a primary care doctor or other provider.

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Walk [Your City], a North Carolina Idea

By Tom Peterson Every once in a while an idea emerges that’s simple but brilliant. This one came from Raleigh, North Carolina. And it’s caught the attention of national, even international media, such as BBC News. Urban planning student Matt Tomasulo wanted to see more people walking in Raleigh. So he created 27 signs that simply said, “It’s […]

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Risa Lavizzo-Mourey: Building a Culture of Health

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, President and CEO of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation challenges us to re-think our health system to create a culture of health. Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Lavizzo-Mourey describes her “lightbulb moment.” She recalls when she was training as a physician at Harvard a patient she met named “Ruth,” who: …appeared at the […]

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